Note: Should we not be able to get the bird right this instant, I need to make reservations at the breeder for a new bird to be born. In order to secure your bird, a 50% down payment of the purchase price is required upfront. The rest upon picking the birds up at the breeders. See the import process for how it works from there.

STELLAR SEA EAGLE (Haliaeetus pelagicus)
AFRICAN CROWNED EAGLE (Stephanoaetus Coronatus)
CHANGEABLE EAGLE HAWK (Nisaetus Cirrhatus)
BONELLI’S EAGLE (Aquila Fasciata)
MARTIAL EAGLE (Polemaetus Bellicosus)
VERREAUX EAGLE (Aquila Verreauxii)
WAHLBERGS EAGLE (Hieraaetus Wahlberg)
STEPPE EAGLE (Aquila Nipalensis)
CHILEAN BLUE EAGLE HAWK (Geranoaetus Melanoleucus)
TAWNY EAGLE (Aquila Rapax)
AFRICAN FISH EAGLE (Haliaeetus Vocifer)
BOOTED EAGLE (Hieraaetus Pennatus)
AFRICAN HAWK EAGLE (Aquila Spilogaster)
Offered to us are:
A young new born male Stellar Sea Eagle from 2018. SOLD!
A female Stellar Sea Eagle from around 2006, proven (had a young male, but her mate has died a few years ago).
For serious inquiries only.
Note: any bird not listed please feel free to ask if it is available!
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