process, fixed costs, and facilities

general process

  • You ask us for a quote for specific birds. We only ship birds of prey.
    We don’t ship tropical birds or pigeons. We will however refer you to a high quality export company specialized in Tropical Birds, who we work together with, for this: AnimalTrade 
  • We then send you a free quote which specifies shipping and all costs involved.
  • Upon your confirmation we start the export process with getting the birds for you and send pictures.
  • Full payment is required at this point before we start the export process.
  • (EU) We apply for the international cites or health certificates within EU. Within EU we can ship fast via airplane or courier.
  • (Outside EU) We start quarantine process for 21 to 30 days.
  • Government starts the quarantine (if outside EU). We email you the International Cites and Health Certificate when they arrive from Cites Bureau and we arrange the flight before shipping.
  • The shipping company sends the AirWay bill to you via email and we deliver the birds to the airport. During this process we keep in close contact and keep communications open to keep you updated every step of the way.
  • After arrival of the birds we like to stay in touch to see how they are doing.

Conditions and costs

  • We require full payment in advance for all orders.
  • If you want to reserve birds for next season or to be put on a waiting list, a non-refundable downpayment of 25% is required.
  • International cites are €60,- per bird.
  • Costs for flight transport and crates are determined for each order.
  • (Outside EU) Health certificate by government veterenarian €400,- per shipment.
  • (EU) Veterenarian Health Certificate within Europe €85,- per bird.

* We are not liable for the death of a bird as they are living creatures *

country/region specific costs

  • No quarantine needed.
  • Veterinarian Health Certificate within Europe €85,- per bird (as stated at conditions and costs).
  • We work together with couriers who drive to Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland and with airlines within EU.
  • Quarantine (30 days) costs €250 per month.
  • Swabbing for birds will incur extra costs to be determined on quantity birds.
  • We have government approved quarantine on site – no costs.
  • Government Health Certificate €150,- per shipment.
  • Aviary fee €100,- per month over a period of 6-8 months until import permit has arrived for the birds which can then be exported.
  • In USA the 30 days quarantine will start upon arrival.
  • You will have to pay the quarantaine facility.
  • Price list quarantaine will be added for US customers.
  • You will have to pay the US customs agent.
  • Quarantine (30 days) costs €250,- per shipment.
  • Government Health Certificate costs €400,- per shipment.
  • Swabbing for birds will incur extra costs to be determined on quantity birds.
  • Quarantine (30 days) costs €250,- per shipment.
UAE and Middle Eastern Countries
  • No quarantine needed to export.
  • International Cites are €60,- per bird (takes about 4 weeks time maximum).
  • Government Health Certificate costs €400,- per shipment.
  • This applies to all other countries that require full isolation quarantine for 21-30 days.
  • Quarantine costs €250,- per shipment.

Any more questions?

Our facilities

We have shared a few pictures of our housing facilities below. The birds have plenty of space and are taken care of very well. We have multiple housing facilities for various bird species. Check out these photos to get an impression of where the birds will be staying.

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