Fixed costs

Fixed costs for USA are:

  1. Bird purchase order (downpayment) $100, for me to start finding the bird you wish. Or to reserve for new season. When the purchase is final this amount will be settled with the total purchase amount.
  2. Bird purchase (to be determined when you ask for a quote).
  3. Two times veterinarian costs $375,- (once by vet government in the Netherlands and also in quarantaine center in Miami).
  4. Permit application VS-17-129 = $150,-
  5. Transport from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Miami Aiport by KLM flight (to be determined when you ask for a quote) plus custom handmade shipping crates.
  6. Custom Broker USA fee $750,-
  7. Quarantaine 30 days x $9.75 = $292,50 for small birds (up to 1000 grams) and $21 a day for larger birds (more than 1000 grams) = $630,- (plus food which my US broker arranges).
  8. Domestic flight if needed from Miami anywhere in the USA with Delta Airlines around $150,- per bird.
  9. International cites $75,-
  10. Price for food until you have the import permits $195,- per month per bird (consists of mice, quail, rat, hamster, dove and chicks).
  11. Broker fee $500,- per bird.
    What do we do?
  • * We pick up the bird(s) in Europe.
    * Our housing facility is fully equipped high tech camera surveillance system on the aviaries.
    * We have daily feeding with high quality food and vitamins.
    * We take care of medical bills if needed.
    * We raise young and imprint and do training upon request until ready for shipping.
  • Note: keep in mind that prices for birds of prey here are very low compared to the USA, which makes import very attractive! Especially when you buy more than 4 to 6 birds, because the price gets cheaper by volume, the cost of shipping goes down significantly per bird! 

    *We are not liaible for the natural death of an animal during our care. We do take care of the animals when they get sick and to take it to a veterenarian immediately and get the medications or medical care it needs. We pay for these expenses. You will not get this bill. But it remains a living creature.

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