Import Process USA

After you place an order:

  • You will need to have either a co-op, WBCA or an MBTA Propagation permit and be ready to get the import permit.
  • A proforma contract will be emailed to you, which needs to be signed and emailed back with a copy of your permit(s).
  • Full payment needs to be made upfront.
  • We buy the bird and pick it up.
  • We arrange for International Cites.
  • We start making reservations at the quarantaine center in Miami, and arrange for food (chicks and mice) for the bird during quarantaine.
  • We start making arrangements for shipping.
  • We arrange for a health inspection done by a government approved veterinarian.
  • We apply for permit VS-17-129.
  • We contact the customs broker in Miami to arrange for arrival of the bird and transport to the quarantaine center, and to pick up the bird(s) again after release to bring it back to the airplane for the domestic flight. They also handle all the paperwork import/export.
  • We arrange the domestic flight in the USA where you will pick up your bird at the destination.
  • When all is arranged we finally bring the bird to the airport in The Netherlands for shipping to the USA.
  • You will need to download a free app called WhatsApp so we can communicate via cellphone. This way we can send you pictures/movie of the moment of buying the bird, health inspection, shipping the bird, arrival of the bird and the bird during quarantaine, and shipping. This in order to keep you fully updated and informed for your piece of mind.
The port of entry into the USA is either NYC (via Mersant = more expensive) or via Miami (Robert Conyers at C & R Custom Brokers = and flight and handling costs are a lot cheaper can save you up to $1000). Phone nr: (305) 885-5244.
Domestic flight to any destination within USA is around $102,- with United 1-800-575-3335 Pet safe service.
There is no more LA quarantaine.
Quarantaine is 30 days.
Quarantaine MIA is booked well in advance. Phone nr: (305) 876-2200
For import customs agent needs the following permit copies :
USFWS import license
USDA import application
MBTA or WBCA permit to be able to import the owls
FWS branche of permits 1-800-358-2104
FWS Region 8 & California +1-800-916-978-6183
USDA/APHIS Importing and Exporting Live Animals (301)851-3300 option 2
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