As an active AUTISM AWARENESS advocate Ivonne volunteers working with owls for her unique owl therapy with special needs children.
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Accipiter Gentilis Albidus

The white goshawks are growing and doing very well and ready for export.

Education project / therapy for handicapped and special needs children

We have been doing educational projects for handicapped / special needs children for some years now.

We can proudly announce the wonderful results we have gotten by the children improving overal in speech, writing, getting swim diploma’s, gratidating middle schools, doing apprentisheship in our company and much more.

We are hoping to start world wide education projects like this.

Super White Albidus Goshawks

Available are super white Albidus Goshawks males for an awesome price.

Please serious inquires only.

Baby owls for sale!

Many baby owls for sale! At least 20 of each.

Please put in your orders!

Visiting Dubai and Anu Dhabi

🇦🇪We will be visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi from Friday 26th April til Friday 3rd May🇦🇪

To set up a business meeting please email us at:

Raising new babies

Imprinting new baby bubo bubo’s for customers in Greece, Austria and Japan.


We are now proudly working together with a partner to offer the following services:

Exchange for Zoo’s worldwide.

Export and import captive bred mammals and captive bred Zoo animals.

Our exported Bubo Sibericus now on exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo

Proud to announce our exported breeding pair of Bubo Sibericus are now officially on exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo!

How to import into USA through a co-op

Presentation at California Hawking Club annual field meet January 2019

If you like a personal copy please email me and I will email it to you.

If you have an interest in joining Dave Kanellis co op please email him. I will gladly provide you with his contact information.

presentation for chc 2019 pdf