We are now proudly working together with a partner to offer the following services:

Exchange for Zoo’s worldwide.

Export and import captive bred mammals and captive bred Zoo animals.

Our exported Bubo Sibericus now on exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo

Proud to announce our exported breeding pair of Bubo Sibericus are now officially on exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo!

How to import into USA through a co-op

Presentation at California Hawking Club annual field meet January 2019

If you like a personal copy please email me and I will email it to you.

If you have an interest in joining Dave Kanellis co op please email him. I will gladly provide you with his contact information.

presentation for chc 2019 pdf

California Hawking Club Annual meet January 2019

Being invited at the Annual California Hawking Club meet in Gardnerville Nevada USA I had a fantastic experience educating and hunting and meeting my exported Bubo Sibericus again on US soil.

Great news! Our birds finally arrived at their final destination in USA!

We proudly wrote history as we brought in a new species of White Siberian Eagle owls into the USA!

First owls to Arrive in New York today!

Writing history today as new species will enter USA! The 10 white Bubo bubo Sibericus owls and breeding pair of Ural owls just took off🍾🦉 on its way to their new proud owners!

A whole presentation on how and what on import and export will be presented by me in person and David Kanellis in January at the California Hawking Club Annual field meet in Reno.

Hope I will see you there!

California Hawking Club Annual Field Meet Nevada

It was an honor to get invited to speak at the California Hawking Club this coming January in Nevada USA about the exporting business side of Birds of Prey.

Dave Kanellis is speaking about the importing side. You are NOT going to want to miss this!!

Looking forward to meeting you all there!