New York visit

Visiting New York City from 23 Febuary 2019 til 27 Febuary 2019.

If you like to set up a business meeting please send me an email.


New aviary is being build by Remco.

It will have 4 large spaces for large eagles and spaces for breeding owls and a large space specifically for social imprinting owls.

In Dubai

In Dubai for business meeting

One available opening left on 1 August early morning. Please contact if interested in meeting.

Travel Schedule in June 2018 in USA

We’re visiting the USA for meetings.

If you are interested in setting up a meeting please contact us.

Travel dates and cities we are at:

Las Vegas, NV.  on 8 June and 9 June

San Jose, CA. 9 June and 10 June

Las Vegas, NV. 10 June

Pittsburg, PA. 11 June til 14 June

Falconer’s dinner in San Jose, CA. was great!

Dutch Export Birds

Dutch Export Birds is a young Dutch based business exporting a wide variety of birds of prey to the USA. Legally we can only sell to licensed falconers. We purchase our birds of prey from private sellers and large scale breeders all throughout Europe. We work closely together with select breeders. All birds of prey are CITES. All birds are captive bred (We are not allowed to capture birds in the wild). We are working on breeding a special collection birds of prey on the East Coast and we hope to have breeding results as early as 2019 (with co-op sales available in 36 months). Until that time we export on demand.

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