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Netherlands & Germany

Are you interested in (private) workshops or show with birds of prey in the Netherlands or Germany?
Then contact our friends at De Valkenhof (website available in Dutch and German).

We don’t ship tropical birds or pigeons.
We will however refer you to Mr. Arjan Oudenampsen, who owns a high quality export company specialized in Tropical Birds, for this: 
(website in Dutch)

UAE and middle east

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad

To the UAE and Middle East, we export our Falcons to Mr. Ghulam Muhammad of Al Jer Falcons at the Falcon & Heritage Sports Centre in Dubai, where people can buy our birds through them.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad

Regal Falcons

joint venture

Regal Falcons is a Joint Venture between Dutch Export Birds & GM Hussain based in UAE 🇦🇪 for all Middle East. Export & Import of high quality Falcons.

Visit Regal Falcons on Instagram

Regal Falcons

joint venture

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